Cooling systems

Cows tolerate very well temperatures between 1 e 21°C. Above 21°C, in condition of standard relative humidity, the unease begins. The signals of heat stress occur with an increase of rectal temperature (above 39,1°C), increase of breath frequency, decrease of milk production and ingestion (John J. Tyson, Extension Educator del Dairy Team 2012).

TEN offers you a wide variety of solutions for the ventilation of your cows which allow you to check the microclimate of the farm and help the animals to overcome unscathed the periods characterized by high temperature, as it happens now very frequently during our summers.

Our fans, thanks to the particular blade design, allow to move uniformly a higher air flow rate in comparison to the other ventilation systems currently on the market, lowering the heat effectively.

The ventilation systems can be managed in manual mode (on/off) or by elaborated solutions able to regulate the functioning of the entire system based on temperature index and environmental humidity (THI index) detected by appropriate probes. It is also present an anemometer to monitor the wind intensity and stop the fans in case of it should be to strong. We can manage different areas with dedicated parameters in the same barn.


We are talking about a fan with blades placed in horizontal position in relation to the ground. Its task is to move a great quantity of air at a low speed in order to grant a constant air circulation in the environment in which the animals live, dispersing the gas that could be stagnant in the barn (ex. ammonia).

Availabel diameter model Air 2

  • All models have the same 5-blade rotor
  • Available diameter are: 2,5-3-4-5-6-7 meters

Thanks to its capacity to move a huge quantity of air in a uniform manner, AIR2 lowers the heat efficaciously bringing relief to the animals, not only during summer when the temperatures are high, but also during spring and autumn, when can be equally important keep a correct air circulation inside the location.


It is a fan with blades D. 2,5 m and a brushless motor. The ideal position for these fans is the feeding lane (we cool the cows while they get feed) or the waiting room for the access to the milking parlour. The Cross fan is mounted with an inclination of 70 degrees in relation to the ground. Its task is to move air at a speed above 3 m/s which is pointed directly on the animals. Its use is combined and alternated with water usage.


As per the Cross fan from which it derives, the Mini cross is installed with an inclination of 70 degrees in relation to the ground and it is applied in the same areas of the barn in which the cross model is installed. The presence of only 2 blades, a smaller brushless motor and a faster rotation are able to reach a surprising combination between the speed of displaced air and energy consumption. Mini Cross model represents a competitive solution in terms of prices and grant high performances in addition to very low operational costs.



Authoritative researchers have showed that the most efficient cooling system for milking cows is the direct one. TEN has started using this system some years ago and it can be adaptable to every kind of barn. The localized diffusion of the big drip water avoids problems concerning anomalous fermentation in bedding and manger. In the first phase the animals are wet with a big drip system (not sprayed water) and when water stops, the Cross or Mini Cross fan has to dry the animal skin, lowering in this way its body temperature. The air and water cycles are automatically interchanged at programmable and customizable intervals.

Low noise and high energy savings

High flow rate with low round per minute

Uniform air distribution

Brushless motor (inverter equipped in the motor)

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